Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (Patrick Air Force Base, FL)

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Program Dates: TBD


ABOUT DEOMI: The Department of Defense (DoD) mandated race relations training in 1971. Today our education and training programs in human relations, equal opportunity, equal employment opportunity, and diversity remain the foundation in the building of leadership.  Additionally, we advise the DoD and other organizations on equal opportunity matters, conduct extensive and progressive equal opportunity, equal employment opportunity, diversity, and human relations research, and serve as a clearinghouse to monitor and disseminate research findings to interested agencies.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: DEOMI engages in policy, basic and applied research. Within policy research, we examine social phenomena and provide subject matter expertise for congressional hearings and policy guidance. Within basic research, we conduct experiments and contribute to the knowledge base. Within applied research, we transition theory to practice for the development of high impact tools and knowledge. We reach thousands of students a year, have survey capabilities that span the globe, possess gaming computers for realistic simulation, and have a unique environment in which to conduct research


WHAT MIGHT I DO AT DEOMI? Opportunities exist for computer programming, database programming, experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, film creation, training tool development, literature review, manuscript development, survey development and implementation, etc.